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Moobz, hell yes!

Rating Community

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Rating Community

moobz is a rating community.
The concept of this community is simple; There
are only 25 members allowed in at one time.
Once we've reached our maximum capacity,
applicants must challenge a current member
to get into the community. The losing
person is then kicked out and must challenge
someone else to be able to get in.

It's as simple as that.


1. Please obey moderators.
2. We don't care all that much if you bitch at
each other. It's the internet after all and I
guess it's srs business. Whatever. Be a
bitch/druggy/slut; Just don't get us in troublez.
3. Just so we know you read the rules, type your
favorite sexual position in the subject line of
your application (if you're applying). If you're
already a member, just make sure you let us know
that you're stamped.
4. Lurkers may comment but may not post. Obv.
5. If we don't like you, don't make such a big
Wait no, we don't care. Start as much
internet drama as possible but let the community
keep on running. :3
6. um. Have fun or some shit.
7. Don't promote anything dumb in here.

Fill everything out and try to be as honest as possible.

Challenge Application:

staybrutal and keytones

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